iQi Cloud

A.I. Powered

A Full Stack Air Quality Solution

Making Indoor Air Quality Healthy & Safe

In the new normal, we know you are working hard to keep people safer in your buildings. POOR INDOOR AIR QUALITY IS A SERIOUS THREAT.

Indoor air is 5 times or more polluted than outdoor air and people spend about 90% of their time indoors. 

Air quality is essential to a healthy building. These days the building owners and the building occupants are knowledgeable about IAQ and are concerned about its effects on their well being and experience within the built space.

IAQ is more than just airflow. Healthier air means maintaining a proper ventilation, temperature, humidity, comfort, boosted flow of essential elements and effectively removing undesired particles like aerosolized pathogens, dust, volatile organic compounds and other particulate matter.

There is No Silver Bullet to fix IAQ problems.

Different Devices Solve Different Aspects of IAQ problems.

But they DO NOT talk to each other.

iQi Cloud Makes IAQ Devices talk to each other

Make Your Building Measurably Safer With iQi Cloud

Applying the power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

iQi Cloud makes Air Quality Monitors and Air Quality Remediation devices like HEPA air purifiers, UV air sterilizers,  Ionizers, HVAC retrofits etc to talk to each other and run automatically using A.I without human intervention.

Just deploy, sit back & relax.


Continuously measure the critical air quality parameters like Particulate Matters (PM 2.5, PM  10, PM 1.0) , Gaseous pollutants, TVOC, Formaldehyde, CO2, Temperature and Humidity

Auto Remediation

 As and when the occupancy fluctuates or when the air quality changes or when there is a breach in the indoor air quality, the A.I auto launches the remediation process and triggers the respective remediation devices.

IAQ Analytics & Reporting

Provides actionable insights to fix Air Quality issues with transparent real-time information. It sends real time alerts and notifications for you to manage the air quality levels in your buildings.

Not only the devices are centrally managed, but they can communicate & coordinate among themselves as needed to maintain a healthy indoor air quality 24×7. How it works is the uniqueness of our patent pending A.I algorithm.

Our A.I. algorithm knows

  • which devices solves what problems
  • how to optimally run the devices so that the entire cluster is energy efficient
  • how to obtain the highest efficacy

Building Compliance Standards

Our iQi solution helps buildings meet & maintain Air Quality regulatory compliance 24×7.
We help buildings comply with ASHRAE, WELL, RESET, FITWELL, EPA & CDC Indoor Air Quality standards.







IAQ Problem In Every Building Is Unique! So Is Our Solution!!

The air pollutants in every building is different based on the nature of the business.
So, we design solutions that are specific to solving the indoor air quality issues of your building.